Professional Guidance On Recognising Indispensable Aspects Of Home Remodeling

home remodeling

Here, I'll show you some “before” and some “afters” and explain what we did and what we spent. Any of these will help increase the value of your home or make it easier to sell quickly, if that is your goal. The following figures don't take in account what we “earned” by doing that. Steve tore out the flimsy partition and built a regular wall, then added a door. Our total budget for all home renovations was $20,000. We almost completely redid the kitchen. Are you ready? Before: The Back Garden And Shed Just an open space and a blah outbuilding.... These figures are rounded to the nearest $100 or $10: House painting contracted : $2500 Driveway/walkway cavers contracted : $4000 Exterior electrical work contracted : $800 Carpet with installation contracted : $2300 Kitchen cabinets and counter tops: $2000 Toilet cabinets and counter tops: $1000 Kitchen sink, tap and appliances: $1000 Toilet sinks and facets: $200 Second toilet toilet: $100 Light fixtures for new toilet and back door area: $150 Interior paint and supplies: $250 Tile and materials for kitchen/toilet backslashes: $50 Tile and materials for new toilet and back door floor area: $80 Gravel for backyard: $400 delivered Black landscape plastic: $100 Dining room lantern: $40 Wood stains for window boxes, mailbox post and interior doors: $30 6 6-panel pine doors and doorknobs: $300 3 sets of double closet doors and knobs: $300 Drywall, drywall compound, corner bead house and studio : $400 Insulation studio : $100 Trim and baseboard: $80 Mailbox and post: $40 Cement resurface and paint: $80 Privacy fence by studio: $80 Misc. electrical, plumbing, hardware, etc: $500 Total Budgeted: $20,000 Total Spent: $17,080 Given all the updating and upgrading we did, we made out quite well when we resold the house two and a half years later. So, all I have to do is change the bit type to the one I need, whether it's one for sanding or one for cutting wood or even one for cutting metal.